The Regional Focus Travel Series

Do you have a favorite place?

We do! To be honest, we have several, and the more we travel, the more we have.  The list just keeps getting longer.  Some are well known, and some you may have never heard of.  We’ve enjoyed these places so much that we want to share them and everything they have to offer with you.

Rockhounding, Boondocking, Adventure, and More…

I will be posting a series of articles based on each of our favorite places or regions. The posts will cover different aspects of the region with content for everyone…especially the rockhounds and full-time RV’rs, but also the explorers, weekend warriors, boondockers, hikers, cyclists, and more. 

Travel with us to WEST-CENTRAL WYOMING

Map of west central wyoming with travel pictures of camping, boondocking, rockhounding, etc.

The first Regional Focus Series will cover a vast expanse of territory where the Wind River Mountain Range meets the Red Desert of Wyoming, and the Continental Divide actually splits to create a basin.

The Continental Divide of the Americas, aka the Great Divide, Western Divide, or Continental Divide, is the hydrological divide of the Americas, dividing the continent’s watersheds so that they flow either to the Pacific or Atlantic Oceans. In the Great Divide Basin, the water that falls as rain doesn’t flow to any ocean. It’s a unique landscape to say the least.

More specifically, I’ll share what we learned from our experiences in west-central Wyoming, from Pinedale, Sublette County, southeast to Atlantic City, and northeast to Lander, Fremont County.  Did you know that Wyoming is the nation’s 10th largest and least populated state?  Almost half the state (48%) is federally owned public land, and just under 6% is owned by the state.  That makes for a whole lot of wide open space to roam and hound.

The area is rich in the history of western expansion, women’s suffrage, and gold fever. It is a rockhounder’s paradise, where everything from fossils to diamonds can be found.

The beauty of the Wind River Mountain Range is hard to beat. A spectacular playground for hikers and backpackers, with magnificent peaks, expansive views, and trails less strenuous than in other mountain ranges.

What to Expect

The posts on West Central Wyoming will include:

  • The proper way to explore a ghost town, under the illumination of the full moon and the watchful gaze of glowing eyes
  • A backpacking trip gone afoul and what to be wary of in the Winds
  • The rockhounding trip of a lifetime in the Oregon Buttes; pink limb casts to rose quartz, and so much more.
  • How Wyoming came to claim many firsts in the women’s suffrage movement
  • The bugling of Desert Elk, Wild Horses and a true emblem of the west, the Pronghorn
  • The Carissa Mine, tour a historical gold mine owned by the state of Wyoming with working machinery from the era
  • Boondocking, camping, and all the resources you’ll need
  • The best places to eat and find local craft beer
  • Have you ever been to the Green River Rendezvous? We’ll share our experience
  • Plus more Rockhounding, Trails, History, etc.!

Click the buttonS below to access the articles in the series:

Exploring Miner’s Delight by the Light of the Full Moon

West Central Wyoming – Home of the Women’s Right to Vote!

Rockhounding (& exploring) Oregon Buttes, Wyoming

Look for future regional focus series based on these favorites:

  • The Valley of Fire
  • The Black Hills of South Dakota
  • Tucson, Arizona
  • The Tetons
  • The Bighorns
  • And more

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