Acclimating to a temporary stint in the stationary world.

If you have been following The Rolling Rockhound or the KimberDon’s, you know we live in our own definition of paradise. We are houseless but not homeless, mostly retired, rockhounding and playing our way across America. Unfortunately, one of the downsides of this vagabond life is the many miles put between our loved ones and ourselves.

While we are at play, our amazing friends and family are grinding away, living between stationary walls in a world transformed by this past year’s unprecedented challenges. One of these dear friends is facing mortality’s last stand. We have stalled our nomadic lifestyle for the time being in order to spend time with them, taking the opportunity while motionless to visit with nearby friends and family as well.

The Rolling Rockhound blog was begun only weeks ago with great ideas and aspirations. However, finding ourselves back among the masses, I find myself in a bit of a brain fade, my desire to write and share difficult to rouse. Watching those around us move to the tedious rhythm of the average American life, I feel lost. I am reminded of the post-trail depression suffered by thru-hikers and the anxiety expressed by my 14-year-old granddaughter upon returning from a rare trip to the local mall after being isolated for the past year.

Then I am sitting at the table surrounded by friends and family, playing hot dice and eating too much delicious home cooking. Laughing and loving and thankful for every moment both here and there.

What an ass! Life is too precious, too short and way to valuable to allow myself to sit and brood!

New post coming soon – A 3-day semi-solo hiking trip rockhounding the Oregon Buttes, Wyoming with locations for Pink Limb Casts, Petrified Wood, and more.

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