Hi, I’m Kim


the Rolling Rockhound

My family and I (Mr. RR, Lola and Max) are full time RV Vagabonds wandering the highways and byways of America. We left the stick and mortar back in the spring of 2018 and haven’t looked back since!

I’ve always been attracted to rocks; shimmering colorful stream beds, clinking and rolling beach pebbles and the sparkling quartz on granite mountaintops. But now! Now I have the time, freedom and most importantly, enthusiastic family support to immerse myself and my followers in the pursuit of some really cool rocks! We’ll go on gem and mineral explorations, tour mines old and new, visit museums and go wherever our passion for cool rocks takes us!  I’ll share and review some well known and newly found rockhoudning sites all over the western United States.

However, especially living in a tight space, what to do with all these significant specimens? We’ll explore the lapidary arts and how to pursue them in this tight space with limited electricity and water, how to organize our tools, collections and workspace, and meet the lapidary gurus offering their knowledge in person and in the cloud.

How about them wheels? Yes, we will also cover the full time RV life on wheels. We travel in a 39’ fifth wheel toy hauler. How we ended up in a toy hauler is a dog inspired story all its own. We’ll discuss the lifestyle and all of its perks and pitfalls. You’ll travel along with us to some truly beautiful and lesser known parts of America by vehicle, ATV, foot and bicycle.

So batten down the hatches, grab some tools, your camera, a really big pack for all the cool things to be found and let’s go!

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