Dog & Keystone Raptor 351

Back on the road (and blog) again!

Well, it's been a long 7 week hiatus from blogging and life on the road but we are back! This post is a little personal but also shares a crystal hounding spot in central California and some fun places (and breweries) to visit around Sacramento.

elk s head

Is killing wildlife to make room for cattle acceptable on our public lands?

How do you feel about cattle on public lands? An article by Erica Gies, published by National Geographic in September 2020 discloses a plan proposed by the National Park Service that would preserve ranching and cull tule elk within the Point Reyes National Park’s boundaries. The article can be accessed via a link provided at … Continue reading Is killing wildlife to make room for cattle acceptable on our public lands?

sunset behind a Keystone Raptor fifth wheel toy hauler 351 in the Arizona Desert

How we roll… our Home on Wheels

Our Rig.... I'll share our journey from the RV we started out in to the one we live in now, the perfect full time RV for us. It took a whole lot of research, some honest communication and a spark of kismet. I'll explain why we chose the Raptor and all the reasons it fit our lifestyle so well.

spring trees

Acclimating to a temporary stint in the stationary world.

Finding ourselves back among the masses, I find myself in a bit of a brain fade, my desire to write and share difficult to rouse.

South Pass City, Wyoming

Regional Focus: West Central Wyoming – Home of the Women’s Right to Vote!

Did you know that Wyoming was the first state to pass legislation to give Women the Right to Vote? Or, that Wyoming holds many of the firsts in the Women's Rights Movement? Neither did I... until we visited South Pass City, Wyoming.

Exploring a Ghost Town by the Light of the Full Moon

Exploring Miners Delight, an old ghost town under the illumination of the full moon and watchful gaze of a creature in the woods.