Rockhounding for Fire Agate – Round Mountain Rockhound Area, Duncan, Arizona

Round Mountain Rockhound Area is one of two Fire Agate collecting areas (Black Hills Rockhound Area and Round Mountain Rockhound Area) on land under the authority of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in southeastern Arizona. The ground is littered with white chalcedony and bits of red.  I saw more sparkles of fire in the material here than at Black Hills...

Rockhounding Discoveries at Oregon Buttes, Wyoming

This is my all-time favorite rockhounding adventure (so far)! Not only because I found some awesome rocks but also the transcendent resonance that reverberates to my core when I immerse myself in such a place. It’s a feeling of connection, pleasure, peace, and calm that lingers long after the experience.

Backpacking dog in the Wind River Mountain Range, Wyoming

The Regional Focus Travel Series

Announcing the release of a regional focus travel series for the serious rockhound, full time vagabond and weekend warrior.

Boondocking at Kofa National Wildlife Refuge

Boondocking Kofa National Wildlife Refuge *Currently being edited*

Boondocking Kofa National Wildlife Refuge...stumbling upon history, wildlife, and cholla.

Peppersauce Cave entrane

Some like it Hot – PEPPERSAUCE HOT! Peppersauce Cave, Oracle, AZ

Join me for a bit of history, some amateur spelunking and a fiery hot lunch washed down with local craft beer in Oracle, Arizona